Billions of people are walking around on this Earth, trying to connect with others and build meaningful and satisfying bonds. Yet for so many, there is something getting in the way of this experience. Something is often preventing individuals and couples from having the joyful life they want and deserve.

RATIONAL RELATING guides you through the simple step-by-step process of creating and sustaining a relationship structure that serves to enhance love, serenity and pleasure, while minimizing stress, resentment and fear in relationships. It outlines the “five pillars” that will uphold an sustain emotional connections—even during the rough times. It will give you clear tools and resources for discovering abundance in your life, while using the power of your mind and spirit to enhance positive, nurturing relationships.

RATIONAL RELATING is a must read for anyone who hungers for a step by step guide to finding or reclaiming passion in their lives. Jacobs breaks new ground by offering his readers fresh insights into how we can maximize our relational joy.
Dr. Paul Hokemeyer


 9781600374494_p0_v1_s260x420Imagine a day in which you wake up, get out of bed, and go about your daily business without a single “should” getting in the way of how you feel about yourself, your appearance, other people or the world around you. ABSOLUTELY SHOULD-LESS invites you into such a blissful world, and offers you seven proven steps toward much happier and peaceful living.

If you have ever experienced any stress or sadness from looking in the mirror and telling yourself you should lose weight, make more money, think smarter, look better or be any different than who you are today, then you are suffering the consequences of devastating “shoulds” and this is the right book for you!

The earnest commitment of Damon Jacobs to help his readers and clients suffer less stress in order to experience more joy is admirable and to be greatly commended. His sincere care is apparent in his book ABSOLUTELY SHOULD-LESS in which he clearly shares wisdom learnt from his own experience, from the brilliant Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy approach of Dr. Albert Ellis, and from aspects of the work of other mentors. In addition to the important knowledge for readers to contemplate, the exercises which are included also encourage the readers to be active in improving their lives and are very helpful tools.
Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis