Damon is available to speak with your group/organization about:
Changing the “Should” To Get The Good
Accessing Beauty and Empowerment At Any Age
To Forgive Or Not To Forgive?: How To Enhance Trust and Intimacy
Creating Your Relationship “Home”
The Art and Skill of Rational Relating
Everything You Wanted to Know About PrEP And Weren’t Afraid to Ask

Contact Damon at Damon@DamonLJacobs.com
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“Damon spoke at Open Love NY’s monthly discussion group on the topic of providing five tips on experiencing peace and pleasure in relationships and it was one of our best-attended events of the year. Damon presented the topic with infectious energy, valuable insight and on-target humor, creating an entertaining and comfortable atmosphere in which to explore the topic. The feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to having him speak at a future event!”
Mischa Lin, President, Open Love NY

“I have worked with Damon on a variety of projects and always learn so much, most especially during his speaking engagements and trainings. His engagement skills are outstanding—he helps make learning new ideas fun by explaining things in new and different ways. Damon has an infectious energy. While speaking to a youth group about HIV vaccine trials, members were not only intently listening to what Damon had to say, but also asking questions and relating their experiences. I was so impressed, I asked Damon to engage my mental health staff about specific theories and modalities that might benefit our clients. Staff was excited about what they learned and have begun to implement new ways of working. Damon is professional, personable, and passionate about his work, his clients, and his audience. Thanks for all you do Damon—looking forward to hearing you speak and/or present again!”
Scott A. Kramer, LCSW

“Damon is an effective, informative and entertaining speaker. His wisdom, knowledge and enthusiasm to help and heal is most evident in his words. This is a rare quality and most impressive. He is a caring professional with boundless energy, intelligence, sensitivity and creativity. I was fortunate to share the podium with him concerning the topic of same sex marriage for Ameriprise Financial. I have been a matrimonial lawyer for 25 years and would be most comfortable referring my clients to Damon.”
Sherri Donovan, Family Lawyer